About me

Hi! I’m Brooke! I am a wife to Danny + mama to two amazing girls Phoenix(9) & Nova(7). Hence the name, Nix + Nova Photography. The birth of them and wanting to capture every detail of their being is what fueled my creativity and passion for photography. I have been a professional photographer for 8 years and also share my time as a registered A.R.R.T(R)(M) a radiologic technologist (X-ray tech & Mammographer) for the last 12 years. As your photographer, I will create an atmosphere which will be fun, relaxed and most importantly natural. I want to catch those candid, in-between moments that actually make you FEEL something. Let’s have fun and create something beautiful together!

Full disclosure… just some tid-bits about me. I will most likely show up to your session with my hair thrown up in a wet bun and be wearing a t-shirt and jeans because that’s how I roll. I will also be clean, an hour early, overly excited, making fart noises at your kids and OCDing the details. I will make you touch noses and play ring around the Rosie with your kids, act silly and smother each other with kisses. I will yell at your husband to smile and buck up because its ONLY 45 minutes!!!! I will, with your permission, offer your children bribes when the going gets tough… because who doesn’t smile for a sucker!? I would be honored to work with you + your family.

"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things that you see and everything to do with the way you see them."
-Elliot Erwitt